Our Mission

The Center for Augmented Cognition supports Berkeley faculty and students in their research on new computing paradigms and methodologies of human cognition modeling, human-computer interaction, and human-robot collaboration through augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Our Members

All Localization Imaging Immersion Interaction Applications Business Arts+Design Graphics
  • Ruzena Bajcsy

    Department of EECS, UC Berkeley

  • Francesco Borrelli

    Associate Professor
    Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    UC Berkeley

  • Luisa Caldas

    Department of Architecture,
    UC Berkeley

  • Lee Flemming

    Department of Industrial Engineering
    UC Berkeley

  • Richard Koci Hernandez

    Assistant Professor
    Journalism, UC Berkeley

  • Shannon Jackson

    Associate Vice Chancellor
    Arts and Design, UC Berkeley

  • Jack McCauley

    Oculus Co-founder
    Jacobs Institute for Innovative Design

  • Ren Ng

    Assistant Professor
    Department of EECS, UC Berkeley
    Lytro Founder

  • James O'Brien

    Department of EECS, UC Berkeley
    ACM SIGGRAPH Director at Large

  • S. Shankar Sastry

    Dean of the College of Engineering
    Professor of EECS

  • Claire J. Tomlin

    Department of EECS, UC Berkeley

  • Allen Y. Yang

    Executive Director
    Center for Augmented Cognition
    Department of EECS, UC Berkeley

Our Projects


ISAACS is an open-source project to envision new ways for human users to intuitively interface and collaborate with aerial drones around augmented reality (AR) technologies.

ISAACS utilizes real-time SLAM solutions to localize the 3D coordinates of aerial vehicles and the operators wearing HoloLens. The first version of the platform will be developed in collaboration also with DJI based on the Matrice-100 platform.

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This research group is interested in computer vision, robotics, tele-immersive communications, and modeling of cyber-physical systems.

Our ongoing research activities entail human-robot cooperation, human activity recognition from multi-modal data, development of individualized musculoskeletal models, quantification of human performance, remote monitoring in health care and its privacy and security considerations, and modeling of driver interaction in semi-autonomous vehicles. Tele-immersion group is lead by Prof. Ruzena Bajcsy. The lab located in Sutardja Dai Hall, Room #133.

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Open Augmented Reality Kit (OpenARK)

OpenARK is an open-source wearable augmented reality (AR) system founded at UC Berkeley in 2016. The C++ based software offers innovative core functionalities to power a wide range of off-the-shelf AR components, including see-through glasses, depth cameras, and IMUs. The open-source platform includes fundamental tools such as AR-based camera calibration and SLAM, and it also includes higher-level functions to aid human-computer interaction, such as 3D gesture recognition and multi-user collaboration. We welcome interested industry partners to join our alliance to support the Open ARK platform.

Our Partners

Recent Updates

Berkeley AR/VR startup competition

Interest in AR/VR is exploding at UC Berkeley. The student-run Berkeley VR Club now has over 200 members, a variety of industry partners are stepping up to sponsor labs and research, and people are coming together from all parts of campus – including arts, performance, business, and engineering – to collaborate on the application, development, and commercialization of these exciting new technologies.

We invite all UC Berkeley affiliates and friends to join us at SkyDeck on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, for an evening of demonstrations, networking, and a pitch competition. Pitches will run from 6-7:30, demos from 7:30-8:30, and winners will be announced at 8:45. Refreshments and networking will follow. The event website can be found here.

Entries for the competition are due April 3rd. After an initial screening, those selected will be invited to attend the final presentation, and can receive coaching from our UC Berkeley faculty and industry mentors. The list of our mentors will be announced on the event website below. First prize will be $10,000 and a guaranteed acceptance to SkyDeck, UC Berkeley’s premier startup accelerator ; runner-ups may also receive invitations. Prizes may also include in-kind legal and marketing services. Angel investors and venture capitalists will also be invited and looking for investment opportunities.

The event is sponsored by HTC, Perkins Coie, and SkyDeck. It is organized by the Center for Augmented Cognition and the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership.

  • Eligibility: ​Each team must have a Berkeley affiliation (current students, faculty, or alumni). Any project that has received $500K and more funding at the time of the application will not be eligible to participate.
  • Submission Contact:​ Dr. Allen Y. Yang
  • Submission Format: ​Each team must provide less than 10-page pitch deck consisting of the following content: Title and Team Name, Product Summary, Core Technology, Market Analysis and Competition, Team Bios, Budget Plan.
  • Contact Information for Questions:
    • Dr. Allen Y. Yang, Executive Director of the Center for Augmented Cognition: yang@eecs.berkeley.edu
    • Lee Fleming, Director of the Fung Institute and CoE and Haas professor: lfleming@berkeley.edu.

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For more information and collaboration opportunities, please contact Executive Director Dr. Allen Y. Yang